Tėte, this one’s for you:

This is basically a South Indian crepe. Like crepes, it can be filled with pretty much whatever you want, though I’d stick with savory fillings. If you would like an example of a traditional filling this one sounds delicious.

Dosa (Crepe)

3 parts rice

1 part daal

Salt (and fenugreek seeds if available) to taste, about the same amount of each


Soak rice and daal separately in enough water to cover the mixture, plus, a centimeter or so extra. Leave at room temperature for 6 hours. Grind to a paste after soaking, mix with salt, and add a little more water. Leave it at room temperature again, this time for about 12 hours, so it can ferment.

When ready, put some oil on a flat, wide, non-stick cooking surface and let it heat up. Each dosa should be about a teaspoon of batter, you want them thin. Add the batter and spread in a circular motion. Keep the cooking surface as clean as possible for flawless dosas.